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Animal shelter

As most of you all know, we are in the process of building a small shelter In Wilkinson county. The covid crisis has caused a bit of set back and now it looks to be fall before it is complete.

that being said, we really need your donations and support to get this off the ground and running. Finishing the building is the “ easy” part, keeping it open will be the difficult part. The county needs to come together and help one another to support this shelter so we can help homeless animals find homes or be moved to other rescues. Any penny you can donate will be a big help, and when we get closer to opening, donations of towels, dog food, cat food, and supplies will be essential.

Thank You for reading and please share our posts as much as you can to gain exposure to paws and claws of Wilkinson county Georgia.

stay safe and remember to spay and neuter your pets ♥️


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