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Availiable Pups

Paws and Claws currently has several puppies up for adoption, today we will show case 3 of them.

Sam- 8 week old black Labrador retriever mix male. He has a small white dot on his left hind foot and is thick and stock. He scored medium/high energy and loves to play and fetch sticks. He would best be suited for an active family.

Bo- Sams twin brother, he has a white chest and scored medium energy. Bo likes to stay close to the human, cuddle and walk with a person. He has potential to be a good ESP or therapy dog with right person.

Rascal- is the smallest but mightest in the litter. Rascal scored high on energy and would best suited for a family with strong large dog experience. He is a bit anxious, has alot of nervous energy and doesnt take no for an answer. He super smart and will make a good companion for the right person.


hey are vaccinated, wormed, and will have vouchers for surgery once of age. Their adoption fee is $120.

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