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Month of Love

February is known for Valentine's Day and Love, but it is also Spay and Neuter Awareness month and we are here for it.

It can be a time to shower love and affection to your pet and the best way to show that is to spay/neuter them. It can make them calmer happier animals and less likely to end up as stray. Spaying and neutering can reduce marking around your house, they will roam less, have a lower chance of most cancers, and live 3-5 years longer on average. AND, you won't have unwanted puppies and kittens to deal with.

Paws and Claws Humane Services Inc is here to help you. Residents of Wilkinson co. Georgia get a voucher for a reduced fee surgery which can normally be a huge bill and strain for most people. Please contact us if you need help via Fb messenger or email us here.

If you are looking for Valentine's gift to give back to the community, your donation to our organization is sorely needed. Every dime we receive goes to funding the spay/neuter program, help with rehoming pets, distributing dog food/cat food to those in need and other community needs. So your support is vital to our work and success.

Happy Valentine's Day and remember,

spay and neuter your pets.



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