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Rabies vaccination

Did you know that rabies is 100% fatal if

not Treated before symptoms occur. It has the highest mortality rate of any disease on earth For animals and humans alike. The best way to prevent contracting it by getting your pet vaccinated on a regular basis, either yearly or every 3 years.

Since rabies is such a serious, fatal disease, and vaccination is the only way to keep you and your pet safe, rabies vaccination is required by law for every pet in the United States. Without a current rabies vaccination, your pet may need to be quarantined or even euthanized for biting someone or being bitten by a potentially rabid animal. 

You may ask why a test can’t be performed to see if an animal has rabies, rather than quarantining or euthanizing. And, while there is testing available to determine if an animal is carrying the rabies virus, it cannot be performed on a live animal, as brain matter is sampled for testing. 

With such serious health hazards and lack of easy testing, it makes sense that you would want to protect your pet and your family from this deadly disease through a simple vaccination.

We at Paws and Claws higly encourage everyone to stay on top of their pets Rabies vaccinations and with every dog or cat we help spay and neuter a rabies shot is included.

please check our Facebook regularly for schedules of rabies clinics that may be in the surrounding area. ♥️

Stay safe and remember to spay and neuter


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