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It has come to our attention that something very disturbing has been happening around the county.

People have been pandering other citizens for money in the name of Paws and Claws and asking for "cash" payments.

Let us make this very clear, at NO point will this organization be out asking random citizens in their normal day to day activities for money. You will find us at fundraising events,organized events held by others(that we pay to be there) or other legitimate locations.

We may send out emails, ask for help via social media, or send letters but we will never approach you on the street or your home. If we accept cash payments, we give receipts and keep a very tight record of those payments. we also accept checks and Paypal.

If you were asked for cash money by anyone other than Ginger Hipp, Allyson Bailey, Cindi Brooks, Jori Messier or Scott Lewis (or a volunteer working directly under one of these board members) than you have been scammed.


lease be careful of who you give cash to,

and remember to spay and neuter your pets

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