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Spay your cat!

Lets talk about a subject alot people don’t want to talk about And will probably get upset with me And I’m ok with that. Spaying and neutering your cat.

Stray and feral cats are a huge problem in our county. especially this time of year, we receive calls every single day from people trying to rehome kittens. Every single day. Currently Paws and Claws Humane services has around 50 kittens on a wait list to find homes or rescues for these animals. And you know what, no one has room for them. No one wants them. No one has the money to take them in.

And what’s worse, this could be prevented, easily. I know most of you dont want to hear this or take responsibility for it but not spaying that kitten you got 6 months ago, is the problem. Not fixing that male cat that took up around your house a year ago, it’s the problem. Not calling us to get a low cost voucher to spay and neuter , it’s the problem.

Its time for people to stop trying to pawn the problem off on other people. Take responsibility. Do the right thing. Spay and Neuter

that cat as soon as you get it. Whether it showed up yesterday or you took it in 6 months ago. It doesn’t matter, Spay it and stop the problem.

We can’t take In all of your problems, but we are here to help prevent it from happening in the first place. contact us today to get a voucher today. Dont wait til tomorrow.

Remember to Spay and Neuter 🐾


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