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Tig and Cookie

You never know what you'll run across in animal rescue. Tig and Cookie are both examples of that.

Cookie looks to be an Airedale mix terrier who when she was about 3 months old, wandered into a lady's fenced in backyard, climbed over a babygate and promptly fell into her pool and started to drown. Luckily for Cookie, superhero mode was activated, and this lady jumped into the freezing cold water dressed in her work clothes and saved the puppy's life. Cookie had been surviving off acorns and trash and was very underweight.

She did a wonderful job bringing her back to health and then Cookie came to us and is settled in with her foster family, enjoying life while waiting on her perfect family to come adopt her.

Tig also had a superhero save him too.

At roughly 5 weeks old, he tried to dart across a busy highway and tumbled. This lady stopped traffic, jumped in a ditch and took this flea and tick infected puppy home to be kept safe until we were able to pick him up. He shed worms for days after, and the water ran red from flea blood but Tig is now healthy and happy. He is housebroke, crate trained and great with dogs and cats.

so now its your turn to help be superheroes. Plese share their story and help find these two perfect pups their forever homes. The longer they stay in foster care, the less we can help others in need. Adoption is so important in our work and we need your help to make it happen.

Both will come fully vaccinated, spayed and neutered, wormed, and have been housetrained and personality tested. Their adoption fee is $120 each.

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