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Updated: Jul 23, 2020

Paws and claws humane services inc. Of Wilkinson county Georgia is a non-profit corporation dedicated to helping injured, abused and homeless animals.

we are a small group of people working together to build a small shelter for the short term housing of dogs and cats until they can be adopted out or sent to other rescue groups. Our shelter is not complete as of yet and the Covid crisis has pushed that farther out but we hope to have it up by 2021. Currently we focus on spaying and neutering as many dogs and cats as we can around the county.

Because there seems to be some miscommunication on what we do and how much it costs, I hope this clears that up.

Any resident of Wilkinson county can apply and receive a voucher to spay or neuter their dog or cat. This voucher also includes a Rabies vaccination with it. The resident is responsible for a $10 co pay that is to be paid to Gordon Animal clinic the Day of service. Any other vaccination requirements by the vet is the owner’s responsibility. Also, time and dates of surgery are up To the Veterinarian, Paws and Claws only uses Gordon Animal Clinic In Gordon Georgia. 🐾Again, the resident pays a ten dollar co pay directly to Gordon Animal Clinic for the spay/neuter and rabies vaccine. 🐾

Paws and Claws also helps injured animals around the county ( when funds are currently available) for residents in financial binds. This is on a situation by situation basis and the board votes on how much we can donate to help. We also help provide free dog and cat food to help feed stray animals if we have any available. So donated bags of dog food and cat food is always appreciated.

paws and claws currently has ZERO foster homes, so if anyone is willing to become a foster please contact us. We provide vet care, and food for the animal while it is in your care. ♥️

I hope this clears up a bit on what we provide to the county and as the Covid situation clears up, we hope to get back to working toward getting volunteers who can run dogs to shelters across the state, foster homes and fundraising events.

Please email us here on our webpage or Facebook message on the Paws and Claws page. We need your name, address, phone number. Name of animal, sex, breed, age and color.

remember, spay and neuter your pets

Ginger 🐾

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