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Dog and cat food needed

Wilkinson county is one of the few counties in the state of Georgia with no Animal Control and no shelters in place. As one of the symptoms of this, stray dog and cat populations are out of control, with many of them starving for scraps and digging in trash To survive. Some of our residents are beautiful people who use their Small incomes, social

security and/or disability funds to buy dog and cat food to feed stray animals, which says so much for their compassion and love for animals. we at Paws and Claws do our best to help these folks out when we can. We get as many of the animals spayed and when we have extra bags of food we give them out.

Which brings me to our request for help, due to covid our supply of extra bags is gone. If you can help donate dog or cat food, that would take a great strain off the hands of some of these people. We will be glad to come pick up any donations or provide a drop off location in Irwinton or Gordon. if you like you can Also donate to our PayPal ( and we can buy the food and shell them out to the needy. Also, If you know of anyone who is in desperate need of help getting a dog or cat spayed or food, please email us and we can add them to the list to try and help.

thanks so much for reading and remember to spay and neuter your pets

Ginger 🐾

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